On the Road Monzahhhhh

Strophe 1:
Running out of home
Right in my car
Wanna be alone
Wanna go so far
Turn around the keys
Hear the engine sound
Fuck all you Wannabe`s
Fuck you all around. Yeah

My feet on the peadle
Going to the ground
Right down to the metal
Hear the engine sound
Tieres are smokin
Wheels are glowing
on the road to hell
where freedom is waiting.
Driving fast
On the away
Fuck you all
My Monza on his way

Strophe 2:
Punk `n`Roll so loud through the stereo
We`re i want to go
i just don`t know
I am free now
There no rules no more
My way to live is free
And that´s the way to be

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